3 Ways To Read Faster

3 Ways to Read Faster

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  1. Stop the Inner Monologue

One regular trait that can be found in virtually all reader to a great extent is an inner monologue, otherwise known as sub vocalization. Inner monologue simply means the speaking of words in your head while reading. This has been a limiting factor to individuals been able to read faster.

Rigorous research has shown that teachers make use of this method to impart knowledge to children at a very tender age. They tell students to read in their head while they (teachers) read the passage out loud making it an easy way to imbued internal monologue in individuals. This habit was instilled when you were first taught how to read.  Once you can do that well, then you are been encouraged to read in your head. And the vast majority of people continue reading this way. If you intend to develop your reading ability, then the first thing to do is to work on your inner monologue.

Have you ever thought about the ways this process slow down your reading? Research has proven that the normal talking speed is equivalent to the average talking speed. An average adult reads at a speed of 300 words per minute, which is same with the talking speed. Your reading speed can only be increased if you keep up that inward monologue. You have to do away with the inner monologue if you want your reading speed to increase.

It is recommended to read while playing with instrumental music if you are experiencing difficulties in eliminating inner monologue, or better still you can chew some gum. Distracting your brain makes it focus less on sub vocalization, despite the fact that you still read the words and process them.

  1. Word–Chunking

Word chunking is defined as the process of assimilating numerous words at the same time. It is one of the efficient ways to read faster. Word-chunking is likely to be the most dynamic method to implement when you work to efficient upsurge your reading speed.

 An average individual can assimilate different words at any given moment, despite the fact that we are trained to comprehend each word one at a time. If you want to this easier, it is advisable you use your peripheral vision. Be that as it may, concentrate on attempting to read three words at a glimpse. Try to read down to the end of the page observing how fast you can finish the whole page of the content. You will still understand what you read, however, invest far less energy doing it.

Continue the process by drawing two vertical and parallel lines down your page, and separate the text of the contents into three different sections. Begin from the top left of the page, and conceal everything using a blind. Concentrate on reading the content as one. Attempt to read the word as once. Continue to do this till the end of the page.

  1. Do Not Reread the Words on the Page

In order to effectively increase your reading ability, you need to effectively put an end to the reading of the same words over and over again. An average human flips his eyes about while reading; they don't simply stream equitably forward and backward as expected. Reasons because an average individual have the tendency of reading the words they have read before over and over again, and this is not beneficial to your reading speed. It tends to slow your reading.

It is certain that you do this unconsciously, and this makes it quite difficult to retract from. It is advisable to use your finger or better still a bookmark to direct you despite the fact that it might feel somewhat whimsical. Let your finger go back and forth the page without halting. Continue doing that until you are done with the text. Then relax and think over what you read. You will discover that you just read and assimilated every word without going back to read them again.


There is Another EASIER way to read faster.