Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

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Now that you have decided to take losing weight very seriously; you have hit the gym following every detail from your instructor and ready to change your eating habit. I think you will need this article; as it tells you what kinds of food to eat, not only that; it also tells you the kinds of food to stay off.

Irrespective of the amount of effort you put to the gym; if you are not ready and serious about changing your bad eating habit you are heading for a rock – as nothing will change. The truth is that most weight related issues are as a result of what we eat. Isn’t it funny; how we feed ourselves with junks and still spend money and effort shedding weight?

Meanwhile, I think it’s important we discuss some common mistakes that don’t help weight loss before going into the subject matter properly.

3 Common Mistakes about Losing Weight

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  1. Skipping Meals: It is unfortunate that some people thought by skipping meals they can contribute to reducing their weight; am sorry that is not the case. This is a great mistake that can lead you to have an ulcer.
  2. Drinking Calories Liquid: I know most of you will not like me for this, but if you really want to lose weight you have to stop taking liquid high in calories. Eg. smoothies, coffee with sugar, ice cream, alcohol, sweetened teas, and sodas.
  3. Plenty Portion of Meal: The problem with some people is their habit about food. Their portion of food is just unspeakable! If you must lose weight, you need to reduce your portion of a meal. Here is an expert's guide that can help you significantly on reducing your ration of the meal.
  • Always leave a few bites on your plate
  • Make sure you use smaller plates and bowls
  • It is a good habit to check your portions with measuring cups periodically

 5 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

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Just as I have promised; here are 5 foods to stay off when trying to lose weight. Most of these foods are harmful because they contain some added sugar and high in calories.

  1. Pizza: I honestly don’t know why people are so crazy about Pizza; unfortunately, this elite meal is unhealthy, as it’s high in calories because it contains refined flour and processed meat. So, stay off!
  2. Cookies and Cakes: I know your love for cookies and cake is high, so also is my daughter. The unfortunate thing is that Cookies and Cakes contain some unhealthy ingredients – added sugar and refined flour which result in high calories. Remember, you will need to consume a lot of them to stay satisfied.
  3. White Bread: I am not fat! But I reduced my love for bread the moment I am aware of how unhealthy it is when trying to lose weight. Aside from containing added sugar; bread is also high in calories and glycemic index which can cause an increase in your blood sugar level. The body turns all sugar consumed into storage  and the body storage system is fat.
  4. Fruit Juices (Sugar Drink): The truth is that the beverage industry is misleading the society by calling some Sugar drink - Fruit Juice. It may interest you to know that most of these juices contain a lot of sugar and artificial those are unhealthy for our body.
  5. Stay Away From Alcoholic Drinks: Although, drinking alcohol in moderation is fine as the line of evidence on weight gain was not clear. However, research shows that excessive alcohol is associated with weight gain.

5 Foods to Embrace When Trying to Burn Fat

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Here is the list of 5 foods you must embrace when trying to lose weight.

  1. Protein: High protein (research)  intake is essential for a weight loss meal plan. Protein breaks down into amino acids the building blocks of life. Amino acids also make and repair muscle and other tissues.
  2. Fruits: It is no doubt that eating enough fruits are a sure-fire way to lose weight, as most health experts agree that fruit is healthy. Fruit also is high in fiber and is sweet. Choosing fruit when having a sweet tooth craving is a top tip for maintaining a good weight. Research to back it up.
  3. Chili Pepper: This may be strange to you anyway, but research shows that eating Chili Pepper is helpful at cutting weight. This is because Chili Pepper contains a substance called capsaicin, which has been useful in reducing appetite and increasing fat burning in the body. Turn on the fat burning with a little spice.
  4. Beans and Legumes: Research conducted show these foods are beneficial in losing weight because they are high in protein and fiber, which are two nutrients that have been shown to lead to satiety.
  5. Green Vegetables and Seafood: This is a perfect combination for my family and me. Vegetables as proven to be very useful when it comes to weight loss; these foods are high in protein and fiber which are very helpful to our body. The fiber in green vegetables is scientifically proven to help eliminate belly fat.

Now, that you know what to eat and what not to eat; what else is your challenge on your journey to losing weight?