Learn Anything Easily- Life Hacks to be a Super Learner

Learn Anything Easily- Life Hacks to be a Super Learner

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Learning is a lifelong process that causes measureable permanent change in behavior and attitude through experience, instruction, or study.  Meanwhile, it’s good to know that learning itself cannot be measured, but its results can be.

Types of learning

Transmission is a process in which knowledge; information, ideas and skills are taught to others by storytelling, demonstration, deliberate and conscious orientation.

The acquisition is a conscious choice to learn. This method involves exploring, experimentation, self-learning, research, and general curiosity.

Accretion is a subconscious gradual process, which teaches things like language, culture, habits, prejudices, rules and social behaviors.

Emergence is the result of modeling, structuring and building new ideas and meanings that did not exist before, but emerge from the brain through thoughtful reflection, understanding and creative expression or interaction of the group. This form of learning explains the inner synthesis of ability, creativity, intuition, wisdom, and problem solving.

Importance of learning

  1. It keeps culture

  2. It is permanent

  3. It boosts confidence

  4. It can happen anywhere

  5. It does not require certification

  6. It leads to a better quality of life

  7. It boosts personal development

  8. It takes place throughout life time

However, it is important to know that learning does not happen in isolation, as there are many factors that affects learning. Some of which are:

Factors That Affects Learning

  • Learner’s attitude
  • Learner's motivation
  • Preferred learning style
  • Learner's external factors
  • Learning environment and climate

If you have ever wondered how to increase your learning ability; then this post is for you. I will be discussing three awesome ways to learn anything very fast. These tips are very powerful; that result is sure if properly implemented.

Three Life Hacks to be a Super Learner

  1. Teach someone Else: Believe it or not; the best way to be a fast learner is to teach others. Teaching others will boost your learning ability as you are always in the act of teaching. Research has already shown that when we explain something to others, we understand it better. It also helps us identify gaps in our understanding and better organize information in our minds. Remember, if you know it; you can teach it!


  1. Learn in Short Chunks of Time: Here comes another tip to help you learn very fast – bit by bit learning. People learn best when a continuous complex lesson is divided into separate segments. It is less likely that the learner’s memory won’t be overloaded. Chunking is a strategy used to reduce cognitive burdens as the learner processes information. There are several steps involved in this process. They are:
  • Larger amounts of information broken down into smaller units
  • Identify similarities in the smaller units
  • Organize the information
  • Group information into manageable units


  1. Take Notes by Hand - forget the computer: Research had already proven that people who take note by hand are likely to learn faster than those who do not. One of the most effective ways to study and keep new information is to rewrite your notes by hand. Indeed, putting the ink on the paper stimulates a part of the brain called Reticular Activation System or RAS.
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