Learn How a Woman Lost 140lbs with Gastric Band Hypnosis

Mind map infographic of gastric band hypnois compared to gastric band surgery. The infographic compares the cost. Safety. Recovery time and effectiveness at weight reduction.

In 2014 a Michigan mother of two was able to shed a remarkable 140lbs using gastric band hypnosis. "I thought myself Thin" she told ABC news reporters.

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery or "lap band as its sometimes called involves a surgical procedure. A band is surgically installed around a portion of the stomach. This makes the stomach pouch smaller, the patient gets full faster and eats less. It is considered a last ditch surgery for obesity.

It can get costly and averages between $5000 and $50,000. There is a painful recovery period and sometimes there can be complications. It does have a 70% success in weight reduction.

gastric band explained. shows a stomach diagram before agstric band surgery and shows a stomach diagram after the gastric band surgery. it details the laparoscopic band placement. visual comparison between the before and after stomachs of a gastric band procedure.

What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Gastric Band hypnosis or "virtual gastric band" as its sometimes called.  This process involves placing a client in to a deeply relaxed state or a light trance. The client is then given a guided visualization of meeting with doctors and having the gastric band surgery. This all happens in the theater of the clients mind. The benefits are its safe and very affordable ranging in price from $20 - $100's. There is no pain or recovery period.  The client having visualized the whole process now believes they have had the actual gastric band surgery. The crazy part is that the hypnosis version is more effective at weight loss with a 95% success in weight reduction.

This is Julie Evans the mother of two and housewife who went from 286lbs to shedding 140lbs just by listening to gastric band hypnosis tapes. She was featured on ABC and Good Morning America.  In response to those who doubt use of hypnosis, "keep an open mind, it definitely worked for me".

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