Science Backed Reasons We Need Sleep

Science Backed Reasons We Need Sleep

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Every human being needs to sleep! According to research that No matter how much you try to stay awake at night, there will be instances where you will fall asleep because the body is telling you to rest. So, why do we need sleep? We will find out below why we need to sleep!

Sleep Deprivation

Probably, you do not know before now; that sleep deprivation is dangerous. According to recent studies, people who lack sleep are the same as people who have been highly intoxicated. This means that your reaction response is weak and this makes you prone to accidents. Lack of sleep will affect not only your physical but also your mental state. Therefore, if you want to stay safe when driving, you need to sleep for at least 6 hours to keep your mind focused on things that you are doing. The same goes for work efficiency. If you want to be efficient at work, you need to sleep.

Sleep deprivation may also leads to lack of energy hormones. Your body has its own schedule of producing and releasing hormones. Adrenaline, the hormone that is responsible for energy, which is usually released during the day or when you awake. If you did not have enough sleep, your body would be unable to produce such hormones. As a result, you will feel sluggish and tired all through the day – this is called fatigue. Your immediate solution would be to depend on stimulants such as coffee and sugar.

Sleep deprivation will make you fat.

If you want to lose weight, the first thing that you should fix is your sleep cycle. Even when you try to stay awake for the whole night, your body will need more energy. As a result, you will have cravings for carbs and sugar. However, it is important to note that digestion in the evening is slower than during the day because the stomach must be resting. Another reason why lack of sleep can make you fat is the release of the stress hormones. The stress hormones are the ones responsible for keeping you awake. However, they trigger the body to store higher amounts of fat than usual.


Sleep deprivation will tick the survival instincts of the body. When your body has experienced the lack of sleep for several days, it would think that there is something wrong. It will react to its survival instincts by giving the body too much energy. However, the body cannot produce that energy if it has not rested well for several days. The energy will have to come from outside sources. This is the reason for your mid-afternoon and mid-morning cravings for sweets and carbs. This can be very bothersome for people who are trying to have healthy eating habits. This can also lead to conditions such as diabetes.

These are some of the things that sleep deprivation can do to you; so, let us consider some other science backed reasons why you need sleep.

  1. It helps you to be more productive: sleeping will help you achieve more at work.
  2. It helps you stay in good health: yes, some diseases can be prevented by having a good sleep.
  3. It helps brain function maximally: having enough quality sleep has proven significantly, to help your brain functionality.
  4. It helps you in losing weight