What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats - What are they?

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Binaural beats use two similar frequencies - one played on the proper channel of the recording - and the other played on the left channel. The combined simultaneous after effect of both of these frequencies actually produces an audible pulsating beat when paid attention to through headphones. There is no way we will discuss Binaural Beats without Brainwaves; so, what are brainwaves?

Brainwaves are the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors; it is the communication between neurons in our brains. Brainwaves generate electric impulses from the synchronized mass of neurons that communicate with each other.

Our brainwaves vary depending on what we do and feel. When slow brainwaves are dominant, we feel tired, tedious, slow or dreaming. Multiple frequencies are dominant when we feel connected, or hyper-alert.

The velocity of the brain waves is measured in Hertz (cycles per second), and divided into bands surrounded by slow waves, medium and fast.

  1. Beta brainwaves control our normal waking condition of consciousness when interest is directed towards intellectual jobs and the exterior globe. Beta is a 'fast' activity, present whenever we are attentive, mindful, engaged in problem resolving, view, decision making, and engaged in a concentrated mental activity.


  1. Theta binaural bests operate within the occurrence collection of 4 -7 hertz. They are generally connected to advanced meditation, but they are likewise known to assist the initial stage of rest. Nevertheless, recent studies have recognized that tuning into binaural beats can have a positive effect on our mental well-being. It is no longer news that Theta binaural beats help to increase memory, which aids us to learn and retain information more efficiently


  1. Alpha brainwaves are awesome; they are certainly better than Beta brain dunes when it comes to focusing, relaxation, and tension release. Alpha brain waves dominate thoughts flowing quietly, and in some meditative states. Alpha is “the now power," to be here at present. Alpha is a state of relaxation for the brain, which helps our mental overall coordination, calmness, vigilance, the spirit of integration/body and learning.


  1. Delta brainwaves are slow and strong brainwaves (low frequencies and deep insight as a drum beat). They create the deepest meditation and sleepless dreams. DELTA Waves suspended the external consciousness and source of empathy. Recovery and regeneration are stimulated in this condition, and that is why deep sleep is so essential for the healing process. An important brain wave that determines the Intelligence Quotient of all living creatures, robots, and plants.

What most of us do not know about delta brain wave is that it happens between the frequency of 0.5 - 4Hz, and they are the brain ocean we encounter during deep, dreamless rest.

Fact you need to know about Delta Brain Waves

1) It might be hard to remain conscious through this state, so is actually very strange as to what our brains are actually up to when they are producing delta waves.

2) Before we pass away, delta brain waves would be the last waves that we create.

3) We get delta waves when we all are in a deep, non-dreaming sleep. There are a few claims that it is possible to get to this state and continue to be conscious in a delta. I actually don't think I've maintained that yet, but in the event you're up for an obstacle, check them out and have a chance yourself.

4) This can be a seemingly unconscious state - there is a very little bit of recall of memory by people who have been experiencing delta brain wave. It's like we're merely off somewhere else…

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