Why 95% of Diets Fail


95% ofdiets fail. big red rectangle with FAIL written in red. blue writing over top says 95% fo diets fail

Diets have a 95% Fail Rate

Yes, 95% of diet fails! This is because there just two things to losing weight; unfortunately, dieting experts do the opposite – increase hunger and slow metabolism.   The first thing is to reduce your appetite for food, and this does not mean you should starve yourself; as there are scientific approaches to lowering our appetite for food. While the second thing is to automatically increase your metabolism to burn more calories all day long.

Everyone trying to lose weight following the "diet" approach usually ends up being frustrated. If that sounds familiar; you are not alone. This type of plans fails for the following reasons.

  1. Diets are expensive: If you have been a victim of dieting… lol you will understand how expensive it is to diet; as there will be some food restrictions and some recommendations. Usually, the restricted foods are what you always love – maybe because they are cheap or available or convenient. While the recommended foods are either super expensive or not available. According to a study by Cambridge University healthy eating costs 3 times more on average than unhealthy.
  2. Diets are not suitable for normal life: Dieting is a whole new life entirely; although, weighing and measuring food may help you lose weight, but aren't practical on a long term. It will make you feel you are living under supervision.
  3. Diets lower your metabolism: I bet most people don’t know about this; dieting reduce your metabolism drastically, and once this happens; your body burns fewer calories thereby making the dieting process less effective. You want to increase metabolism so you burn more calories, basically the complete opposite effect of what dieting does.
  4. Diets deny us fun: Embarking on dieting will require you to stop eating and drink certain things; this will make meal time boring! Making the whole process unrealistic over a long period of time.
  5. Diets are temporary: Whatever changes you got through dieting; the moment you stop dieting – you lose them all and regain weight speedily. When people reach their dieting goals; they tend to go back to their normal eating habit. It takes 2 years for our body metabolism to change. So for a diet to truly work you would have to stay disciplined for 2 whole years for your bodies metabolic rate to permanently change to the new normal.
  6. The Way We Think About Food: Diets fail because we are conditioned by the media to be emotionally attached to food.  Ever say “I love chocolate or cake”?  You are not alone. Do you know about “comfort food”? This is all been programmed into us by magazines, television and radio and now internet media as well. All those food shows want us to be emotionally attached to food.
  7. Emotional Eating: Do you ever eat when you sad or angry? This is a huge problem in the world. Emotional eating is a disaster to a diet.


There is HOPE- Hypnosis for Weight loss is 90% Successful

Yes, Hypnosis has been proven to not only help people lose more weight but also keep it off for years. The reason is hypnosis works by changing your unconscious mind and thought process regarding your eating. Hypnosis will change how you look and think about food. There exists tons of research to support the benefits of hypnotherapy and losing weight.