iChanges Hypnosis was founded in 2017.

The purpose of iChange Hypnosis is to provide high quality life changing products. To assist people make positive transformations in their lives.

All audio products are recorded in studio quality.  The products are layered with binaural beats and isochronic tones. The binaural beats are delta and theta waves. This brainwave entrainment is highly studied and scientifically proven to alter the listeners brainwaves. This is why iChange Hypnosis products are such powerful agents of change. The altered brainwaves of the listener allow them to easily flow in to a trance state and accept the positive hypnotic suggestion to change.

The scripts used in our products use neuro linguistic programming or nlp techniques and are complimented by proven psychological techniques and hypnotic language patterns to promote true change.

Mindfulness techniques are incorporated into all of our hypnosis downloads. Mindfulness is the awareness both internally and externally of the connection between body and mind. It also involves awareness and acceptance of our emotions and feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Mindfulness  combined with hypnotic trance is very powerful.

Experience the power of change with any of our life altering products. Transform your life today.